Friday, 6 December 2013

Counter Strike Extreme V7 Remake by Bricks_966


Released: 2013
Genre: Action (Shooter), 3D, 1st Person
Developer: bluelytning
Publisher: CS-XTREME.ORG
Translation: Bricks_966
Language: Russian
Language: English
Publication Type: pirates
Tablet: Not required.

I present you the new version of the game - Counter-Strike Xtreme v7. Now added more than 60 new models of weapons and the players that can not but rejoice. The game has changed beyond recognition in the store became available new weapons and players that make the game even brighter and more exciting. Also changed logos, textures, sprites and sounds. But with new features, new, specific requirements for rail component of your computer.
Counter-Strike Xtreme v7 is markedly different from previous builds the world-famous fashion Half-Life. The first thing that catches your eye - it's graphics. It has become more colorful through changes in the composition of new textures and sprites. Sounds is a separate issue - every new gun has its own unique sound. And they added a large amount, and in all sections - you are waiting for new knives, pistols, machine guns and even grenades. And what about the requirements - now to play Counter-Strike Xtreme v7, you must have a computer with a video card is not worse than the ATI Radeon 8000, and with processors 2.4 GHz. In order to run the game on Windows 7, you need to run a special file called CSE V7 REMAKE (necessarily need to run as administrator). This file can be easily found in the game folder (Counter-Strike Xtreme v7).

* Tested in Windows XP Sp3
* Source :
* Map CS Extreme V7 [STANDART]


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