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Top 10 box offise movie last years

Can you guess what movie that managed to rank first in the category of top ten films with the highest revenues in this year? Please make a prediction, save it on your head, and match it to the list!

Top 10 Box Office 2011

10. Rio

In this position animation movie directed by Joe Saldanha, Rio. The film became one of the animation films that get positive responses from various parties, one that gives Rotten Tomatoes rating of 72% fresh with a value of 6.4 out of 10. The film is filled with famous voices, like Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Will.i.am, Jamie Foxx, and George Lopez. In fact, Anne Hathaway getting nominated for Favorite Animated Movie Voice at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards and the 2012 People's Choice Awards.
Film that combines romance, comedy, and music was able to collect revenues of U.S. $ 484.6 million worldwide.

9. Cars 2

Cars 2, released June 24, 2011. In worldwide, this movie is getting a pretty good response, evidenced by the success achieved in revenue worldwide in the first week of release: U.S. $ 109 million! This amount made Cars 2 as the first animation film with the highest incomes in the first week of its release.

What about the total income of this film throughout 2011? Cars 2 earn U.S. $ 551.9 million for worldwide delivery. Making it the sixth biggest from 12 Pixar film has ever produced.

The film is getting a variety of criticism from the various parties. The film is considered manages to present an interesting spectacle with all the technology that exists, but has a weak plot.

8. The Smurfs

This Peyo's classic comic is highly anticipated in big-screen version. Although not adapted from one of the comics that ever existed and created in live action, it did not lower the audience expectation. The proof, this film managed to sit in the rankings to eight films with the highest incomes in 2011 with a total of U.S. $ 562.5 million!

Overall, this film received not so good response both from the Smurf comic’s lovers and movie watchers. Raja Gosnell experiences in working on two Scooby Doo movie does not seem to make this CGI animated film looks perfect. In addition, the film is considered to be "slipped" too many ads throughout the film.

The next plan, this film will be a trilogy. Let's hope the next movie is made with better planning and could reap greater benefits from the first film.

7. The Hangover Part II

The film is quite anticipated by attendance that watched the first series which make a good success both in terms of revenue as well as reviews. Unfortunately, the sequel made with almost the same plot with the prequel, making it has no originality in the story. Even so, Hangover II ranked seventh successful box office with total worldwide revenues of U.S. $ 581.5 million!

In the workmanship, the film is getting a variety of obstacle, starting from the issue of Mike Tyson tattoo patents made by S. Victor Whitmill used for Ed Helms face, PETA protest filed against this film because of a joke that made by the director, Todd Phillips, about cigarette addiction experienced by Crystal, a monkey who also had a role in this film.

According to the news, Todd Philips is planning to make a third film. Later, this film will not use the same plot as the previous two movies and will provide the closing story.

6. Fast Five

Justin Lin could smiled broadly when he learned that the fifth installment of The Fast and the Furious, Fast Five, get lots of positive response from the movie critics and the wider community. Until the end of 2011, Fast Five bagged total revenue of U.S. $ 626.1 million! Believe it or not, that income is the largest among the four previous films! The film is the franchise with the highest income in the month of release, April 2011, and had been in the top of box office before being overtaken by the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. This achievement made Fast Five ranked 56th all time highest earning movie!

In Fast Five, the foundation of the story is slightly different from previous films. Fast Five no longer give priority to the car racing scenes and the like. The director incorporates many elements of action that involves a car chase, gun shooting, and massive explosions. Perhaps this is what makes this film well liked because the originality-parties that were not previously expected by the fans of The Fast And The Furious franchise.
Universal Pictures give clues about the sixth and seventh films which are two continuous parts and planned to be release 2013. One thing is certain, Vin Diesel will remain as the main characters of this film, Dominic Toretto.

5. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I

Twilight Saga franchise which based from the novel by Stephenie Meyer is a success since the first film. The film is touted as "the spectacle of young people" continues to reap enormous revenues which, unfortunately, is not accompanied by a positive response from movie watchers.

Fourth installment, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, is divided into two parts so that most of the details that exist in the novel can be conveyed well in the motion picture version. The first part of this fourth installment managed to attract millions of viewers around the world, providing exceptional income: U.S. $ 291 million in its first week of release and U.S. $ 500 million in 12 days! That record makes this film go to rank 10th in the list of films with the biggest opening of all time and also a new record in history the Twilight Saga franchise. Later 2011, this film was ranked fifth highest earning films with a total of U.S. $ 652.2 million, which means the third-highest income of the whole Twilight Saga franchise!

4. Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda (2008) get a warm welcome from the audience who came from various circles in the world! This film not only presents an excellent animation, but also an interesting plot, good humor, stunning character development, and a row of professional voices! No wonder if the sequel was one of the most awaited movies.

Kung Fu Panda 2 became the most animated films triumphed in 2011. In the first week of screenings, the film earned revenues of U.S. $ 108.9 million, and "swell" to U.S. $ 665.7 million at the end of 2011! The record makes Kung Fu Panda 2 ranked ninth highest earning animation movie and ranked 49th for the film with the highest incomes of all time.

DreamWorks Animation plans to work on the third film of a total of five films that are expected to materialize next few years.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

The fourth installment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise is highly anticipated. The film presents Captain Jack Sparrow, played brilliantly by Johnny Depp that always a fantastic scoring record in each exposure. What about the fourth movie?

The film is getting diverse review and managed to maintain the prestige of presenting a row of professional actors, like Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane, and Geoffrey Rush.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a film produced by Disney with the highest incomes of all time (outside the U.S.). Of the entire Pirated franchise is also ranked highest with total revenue of U.S. $ 1,043.9 billion in the whole world!

2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The film presents the incredible details and managed to occupy the rank-2 movies with the highest incomes in the world with a total of U.S. $ 1,123.7 billion in 2011! Apparently, Michael Bay effort to make this film in 3D format and presents a lot of action scenes was a successful work. Although I cannot deny that this film has a weakness in terms of plot and character development.

Sophistication of technology used in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon makes this film into a film with the highest revenue of the whole movie Transformers, grabbed a total income of U.S. $ 1,123.7 million! In the course of release, the film won U.S. $ 500 million (day 9), U.S. $ 600 million (day 12), and U.S. $ 700 million (day 16).

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

Harry Potter is the winner! The pinnacle of the list of 10 films with the highest revenue throughout 2011 was occupied by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, with total revenues of U.S. $ 1,328.1 billion!
The last movie of Harry Potter series, which began in 2004 is getting positive responses from Harry Potter fans around the world.

The film is based from the novel by J.K. Rowling managed to attract many people around the world, presents a witch world who never imagined before! The story of Harry Potter is the most fantastic  work and presented in a visual form very well by the director, the Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) , Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), and David Yates (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I and II).

The movie has the highest income among the other Harry Potter franchise and also a novel adaptation movie with the highest incomes in the world. During the release, all the Harry Potter franchise had earned revenues of U.S. $ 7,701 billion. Compare with the production budget throughout the film that "only" U.S. $ 1,155 billion. You can probably imagine how much the money earned by the trio, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and only from this franchise.

Apparently, this year is the year of sequel movies! Many of them succeed and earn tons of money. What about 2012? What is your prediction?


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