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For gamer, 2011 may be regarded as a pretty interesting year. Various series of the great game franchise comes with a quality that satisfying, even manages to look stunning. But on the other hand, there are also games that are so anticipated come with a very poor quality.

Quite a lot of games that are scheduled to be released in 2011 finally pushed to 2012 due to various technical problems.

Not a few developers who also made the year 2012 as destination for the release of their old games that have been developed. Various games with high quality are promised to be present, ranging from the new series, spin-offs, sequels, until the series that will be presented as a final franchise series. All these games are definitely ready to bring every gamer’s adrenaline to the limit. Unfortunately, the developers chose to play safe, so that none of the promised game comes with gameplay innovations that have never existed before.
So, from all the games that will be present, what are the 25 games that deserve to be awaited in the year 2012? This is the 25 most anticipated video games in 2012!

25. Silent Hill: Downpour

There’s no need to doubt, Silent Hill is one of the best survival-horror franchise in the gaming industry. Horror is back through the latest series - Downpour that appear slightly different than the previous Silent Hill.

Publisher: Konami Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: Q1 2012

24. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Have you ever imagined a Resident Evil game with the "feel" of Left4Dead? This is what might be inferred from the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Gameplay of the series is different than the other RE series. You'll play as one of the four members of the Umbrella special team assigned to kill all the survivors of this tragedy, including the main character of the previous RE series. Present in the Third Person format, each team member came up with different classes, skills, and abilities.

Publisher: Capcom Platform: PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Release Date: March 2012

23. Soul Calibur V
In 2012 actually became a fertile year for fighting game, one of which Soul Calibur. The fifth series that will bring 17 years after setting the fourth series makes SC V look like a reboot game. Some old characters no longer raised and replaced with some new characters that now hold the portion of a larger role in the plot. The gampelay is still focuses on weapons to fight. Another reason that makes this game worth the wait? Ezio, the master assassin from Assassin Creed will join it.

Publisher: Namco Bandai Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: January 2012

22. Armored Core V
Robots series with super-epic battle is finally back again! Very true, Armored Core V which has been delayed several times already confirmed to be present in this 2012 year. Gameplay will not change much, where you control a robot with a freedom of modification. Different things might have on the addition of the online mode. From Software - the developer is also promising massive-scale battles against giant mechas.

Publisher: SEGA Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: January 2012

21. NeverDead
Have you ever imagined playing a game where the main character cannot die? Of course not by cheat. This theme is raised by third person genre game - NeverDead made by Rebellion Developments. As per the title, the main character - Bryce condemned by Astaroth cannot die. Enemies you meet along the way to shoot, beat, burn, even mutilated Bryce! However, even with no head though, you can still attack and win the battle. O yes, the soundtrack of this game is filled by Megadeth with the same song title.

Publisher: Konami Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: February 2012

20. Dead or Alive V
Dead or Alive is one of the few fighting game franchise that has vacuum for a long time. Game that presents a variety of combos and fighting styles are cool this is indeed famous for its range of iconic female characters. 6 years without news, the developers - Team Ninja suddenly turn this franchise back. Through the video teaser, trailer, and sceenshot released, DOA V appears very promising. Mechanisms Gameplay is still similar, but now reinforced by the effects of dramatization that comes through actively moving environment. All these new elements can create an impression of a more brutal battles and destructive.

Publisher: Tecmo Koei Platform: Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: TBA 2012

19. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Phenomenal game that stem from Half-Life mod has become one of the FPS trendsetters game with a modern setting. Now, Valve brought it back with the latest graphics engine to inject the ability to visualize slicker, new weapons, and some classic favorites folder gamers. Series called Counter Strike: Global Offensive indeed looks promising through all these new things. It will be a worthy competitor for big FPS franchises like Modern Warfare, and Battlefield. Amazingly, this time CS GO will also be present in the console platform.

Publisher: Valve Platform: PC, Mac, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: TBA 2012

18. Street Fighter X Tekken

The births of this game appear like a dream come true for lovers of the genre of fighting. Two giant companies: Capcom and Namco have finally decided to bring together the two greatest fighting game franchises in the industry: Street Fighter and Tekken in one game. Crossover called the SF X Tekken comes with Street Fighter gameplay mechanism with 2.5 dimension visualization. Every fight is definitely going to take epic place, especially with the tag-team that became one of its main strengths. Action buttons are also presented more simply with extra new features to distinguish it from other fighting game.

Publisher: Capcom Platform: Playstation 3, PS Vita, XBOX 360, PC Release Date: March 2012

17. Prototype 2
There is no sandbox game that offers a sensation such as those offered by the prototype. Now the phenomenal game comes to the 2ns series, with a new, more interesting plot. You will now act as James Heller who seeks to revenge on Alex Mercer, a major Prototype character of the first series. In Prototype 2, the fight will go more brutal and cruel. You still have the freedom to destroy whole cities and kill anyone. System of addictive gameplay and a story that deserves thumbs up, Prototype 2 is a game worth waiting for.

Publisher: Activision Platform: PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: April 2012

16. Hitman: Absolution
After a long vacuum, agent 47 finally raised the silencer gun. A new task has been waiting for the best assassin in the world. Bald head and sharp eyes will adorn the life of gamers is back in 2012. Not much information available for this game, gamers who love classic gameplay will still be able to enjoy it.

Publisher: Square Enix Platform: PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: TBA 2012

15. Asura's Wrath
Asura's Wrath combines eastern mythology and sci-fi world into an interesting plot. Asura will be more bare-hand fighting in the cinematic and upbeat battle. The enemy who must fought by Asura is also not easy. You will be dealing with an enemy with gigantic size.

Publisher: Capcom Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: February 2012

14. Tomb Raider

You're not a gamer if you have never seen or known Lara Croft. She is renowned as the most iconic female characters in the gaming industry. Tomb Raider finally decided to go through rebooting. From this process, Lara Croft was shown different from the one we have known. She is shown as a formidable amateur adventurer. You will control Lara in her first adventure that makes her grown into the character that we know. Gameplay also change, almost similar to the style of Uncharted.

Publisher: Square Enix Platform: PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: Q3 2012

13. Borderlands 2
If we are talking about FPS games with the most innovative concept in the gaming industry, then the Borderlands is one of them. It incorporates the concept of RPG, sandbox, with the FPS. The result? A game with a very addictive gameplay. This new series will still be present with cell-shading style visualization, skill trees, and different character classes. The plots tell the world of Pandora 5 years after the last event in the first series Borderlands.

Publisher: 2K Games Platform: PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: July 2012

12. DOTA 2
The smartest business decisions throughout the year 2011 fell in the hands of Valve. The company managed to make the most successful mod in the history of the gaming industry - DOTA into a separate game. Working closely with IceFrog, DotA 2 was born. Carrying the same gameplay system, DOTA 2 offers visualization with high quality graphics and design changes of each hero. Valve also did not hesitate to promote this one game. They even held a competition with $ 1 million grand prize. DOTA 2 has entered a period of beta today.

Publisher: Valve Platform: PC, Mac Release Date: TBA 2012

11. DmC: Devil May Cry

When Capcom announced to the world that they will do a reboot to the Devil May Cry series, a negative response emerge. Especially when the developer - Ninja Theory showed a much changed Dante design compared to Dante who we used to know. Slowly but surely, through a variety of screenshots and trailers, Ninja Theory began to remove the doubt from among gamers. DmC is present with similar gameplay, and even perform better with more cinematic combat setting. Dante is still fighting with his trademark attacks, from swords swing to his Ebony Ivory shots.

Publisher: Capcom Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: TBA 2012

10. Far Cry 3
Since its emergence in the gaming industry, Far Cry is present as a phenomenon. It managed to combine an FPS with sandbox concept and wrapped with a quality that deserves two thumbs up. Wide environment, wild, and full of detail to be one of the main Far Cry strengths. At E3 2011 event, a surprise announcement occurs. The third series of this franchise are shown with more powerful visualization and new world that could be explored. The developer - Ubisoft had even stated that it was likely if Far Cry 3 will take places at the North Pole.

Publisher: Ubisoft Platform: PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: September 2012

9. Starcraft II: Heart of Swarm
Unlike the previous series, Blizzard's epic RTS game - Starcraft II was built with a plot that will be scheduled to be released as a trilogy. After Wings of Liberty, StarCraft II will present Heart of Swarm focus more on the Zerg race as the main story. This new series will bring a wealth of new things, especially in terms of units and capabilities that will be used during combat. The protagonist in this second series is an iconic Sarah Kerrigan.

Publisher: Blizzard Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2012

8. Max Payne 3
Max Payne will eventually greet gamers back in 2012. The third series is being handled by Rockstar is a little different than the two previous series. If in the past, Max Payne presented with a more comical impression, Max Payne 3 comes with a more realistic visualization. Yet it still comes with a mature plot, brutal, and dark. Interestingly, Rockstar have retained some distinctive elements of Max Payne, like bullet-time and movement jump while shooting the epic.

Publisher: Rockstar Platform: PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: March 2012

7. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
When Kojima introduce Metal Gear Solid Rising focused on hack and slash battle in the year 2010, all gamers waited for more. But unfortunately, this series just sink, without any updates and information. However, in the event SVGA 2011, Kojima came up with a surprise. Raiden adventure was still continuing in a "reboot" version. Game called Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is handled by Platinum Games. It attended different than the series that Kojima first introduced.

Publisher: Konami Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: TBA 2012

6. Mass Effect 3

Still focusing on efforts to defend from The Reaper, Shepard must now fight in the human major planets - Earth to fight. Broadly speaking, the gameplay that carried not much different, only with additional better Kinect control features. Mass Effect 3 will certainly make the plot as the main selling points. Bioware also further strengthens this interest by releasing trailer and screenshots that show the war on Earth that is so epic. Hopefully, Mass Effect 3 is able to present as a satisfying climax series.

Publisher: Electronic Arts Platform: PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: March 2012

5. BioShock Infinite
Bioshock should be recognized is an FPS game like no other. On the one hand it represents the world and the plot is so absurd and philosophical, but on the other hand, it successfully mixes with a fun gameplay system. After the success of two previous series that explore the world of utopian named Rupture under the sea, the latest Bioshock - Infinite will bring gamers deep into space. A city above the clouds will certainly be an attractive setting to follow. The plot is so dark, presented through interaction with the main female character - Elizabeth.

Publisher: 2K Games Platform: PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: TBA 2012

4. Assassin's Creed III
Gamers may have just completed the latest AC series – Revelations, recently released. But this did not stop Ubisoft's intention to immediately create the next sequel. Although there is no further information, but Ubisoft has suggested that they will release a "last" Assassin's Creed game in 2012. This last adventure will positioned Desmond as the main character and a story on his efforts to seek answers to a variety of mystery that occurred in the previous three series AC. Ezio and Altair is unlikely to appear again in this series.

Publisher: Ubisoft Platform: PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: Q4 2012

3. HALO 4
HALO 4 must be recognized is the most shocking announcement in the year 2011. After this franchise changed hands from Bungie Studios to 343 industries, there is no clarity or the latest information. The main iconic character - Master Chief had been killed in the third series, so there is no alternative to the 343 than to create another HALO series. The story behind the destruction of Reach Bungie has also been summarized in HALO: Reach. But beyond prediction, 343 Industries actually comes with a solution that is more surprising. They announced HALO 4 to bring back the Master Chief as the main character.

Publisher: Microsoft Studios Platform: Xbox 360 Release Date: Q4 2012

2. Grand Theft Auto V
Rockstar Games has finally officially introduced the Grand Theft Auto V to the world. Through a short teaser, Rockstar presents Los Santos - San Andreas as the game's main setting. Rockstar also shows the visualization that is so riveting and full of detail in it. A graphic quality that seems to be difficult to be handled by the current console technology. The lack of information also makes spreading rumors about GTA V rapid. Some say that gamers will now be given the freedom to choose a character from the many alternatives provided by Rockstar. Other rumors also state that GTA V is most likely presented to next-gen consoles.

Publisher: Rockstar Games Platform:? Release Date: TBA 2012

1. Diablo III

What is the most decent games anticipated by gamers in 2012? None other than the Diablo III. Gamers finally have a chance to try out this RPG action game directly in 2012. Construction and development process that takes years finally paid off that sweet. Through a variety of trailers and screenshots, Diablo III admittedly looks stunning. Visualization is a charming, gameplay with injections of many innovative new elements, as well as the atmosphere of an epic battle.

Publisher: Blizzard Platform: PC, Mac, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 Release Date: Q1 2012

How about you? What is your most awaited game in 2012? Feel free to share or give feedback if your games missing from above list.


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